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For the last 38 years, we have been helping students in realising their dreams of reaching the best Universities and programs in India and abroad. With a strong Management team comprising of educationists from IITs, the name VMC is synonymous with excellent pedagogy, resources and faculty, resulting in numerous success stories for careers in both India and abroad.

38+ years
& counting

VMC has been working with the students and guiding them to success for more than 38 years now


Thousands of Success stories, year after year following the hard work of students and mentors


Proven Pedagogy, Study material and faculty makes VMC one of the most trusted learning destination

& Dedicated team

Highly focussed and dedicated team of Mentors and counsellors to transition you to success

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Career Counselling

Make the right decision regarding your Career with the correct Country, College and Course through our expert Career counsellors, who will understand your goals and standing and then will help you choose well.

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Exam Preparation

Choose from a wide range of programs ranging from Short term to long term duration for almost all important exams like SAT, ACT, IELTS and TOEFL as well as for focussed initiatives like Application process for Universities.

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Internship Assistance

Internships are extremely important for resumes as well as for Industry experience. Choose from a range of options which complements our University program and helps us in learning and final job offers after our program.

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University Applications

From deciding the Country, University and Program to initiating the process of application and documentation, University applications are by far the most important and complicated things to handle. Get step by step guidance from VMC experts till we reach our goal.

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VISA Assistance

VISA applications are complicated, like the University applications with each Country having their own norms and procedures. Our Experts at VMC Study Abroad are well versed of the requirements and are there to guide you at all steps to ensure success.

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Travel Assistance

Travel preparation is a cumbersome task especially when it is for long term Overseas education. Our Experts at VMC will help in planning everything, right from the documents to Currency to bridging you up for Cultural changes which will come in the new demography.

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